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Children's Series: Featured Work


Mole Hill Chris Tichborne Bafta Clangers

Mole has worked extensively for children's television.  Specialising in pre-school shows, his work directing the re-boot of 'Clangers' (with Chris Tichborne, pictured) won the BAFTA for Best Pre-School Animation 

Previously 'Yoho Ahoy', which he designed and directed, won the Best Animation award at Banff 2001.  

Most recently he has made the 30 x 2' Flash animated pre-school series 'Two Minute Tales' for Hopster.  Mole is currently developing new shows in a range of media.

clangers animation stop frame

'Clangers' 2017 for CBeebies/Sprout/Factory Create

Yoho Ahoy stop frame animation

'Yoho Ahoy' for BBC WW/CoG

2 minute tales flash animation

'2 Minute Tales' for Hopster/CoG

OOglies stop frame animation

'OOglies' for BBC Scotland

PB Bear and Friends stop frame animation

'PB Bear and Friends' for Dorling Kindersley

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